In Loving Memory of
Peter Saffy


Welcome to a site dedicated to the great man, Peter Saffy.

Our Pirate Pete

Colossus was the man who fell
Who saved the one he love,
Who, for what he treasured
Inverted hell and shrugged off heaven above
These walls once warned by you
Your random proclamations are
Cold an hateful to pass through
Given your assassination

No lead can stop the iron man
No fist can bring him down
For now he moves not like a man,
And wears the hero’s crown
Let righteousness be stood upon
Its futile and pointless head
This act shall come full circle on
The day his killers die

The giant shall rise again
To growl another day
No human hand can cause his end
No tragedy can hold sway
Over our metal monster
Over our pirate Pete
Over our husband, son and brother
Over he who was never beat

So save yer tears matey
He found his missing treasure
And now he is drinking rum and yelling aaaargh,
Much to the angel’s displeasure
Defender of the children,
protector of the weak
Punisher of evildoers
Our Gout-Footed swashbuckling freak
So lets start a mosh-pit,
I’ll even begin it

Remember, this is Peter’s world �You’re just living in it

- Jaime Ribero -

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